The Thunderbolt

I was watching TV. Suddenly the screen turned dark and the sign said “We have trouble in receiving conditions.”

Thunder has been rumbling for quite a while. While we were at dinner, I saw a lightening out of the window and said “Oh no! Flash? No, it can’t be a flash. It’s improbable somebody comes to my house to take photos secretly. It can’t happen.” I murmured such a ridiculous thing.

Speaking of lightening, the terrific crack a little while ago was so close to the lightening I saw from the corner of my eyes.
I recall and think the thunder bolt was not so far from around here.

Flashes of lightening and peal of thunder didn’t stop. One after another without intervals.
Shortly after the TV has gone out and stupor, I came back to myself. The sign means TV itself is OK. I should pull the TV cord off the outlet to prevent it from being broken by thunder.
Another TV is all right? I went to the other room and pulled the cord from the outlet. Taking this opportunity I also pulled off the cable connecting with the modem.
And returning to the living room, I pulled off this cable too.
We are provided with access to internet, telephone and TV by NTT.
There is something wrong with receiving conditions of TV now. How is it with telephone!? I picked up the receiver. No sound came from the main phone. Nor did it from the cordless handset. And on the second floor the situation was same with another set of telephone. Does this mean our internet is also dead? IPhone shows 3G. Inside my house it always indicates wifi. I went to see the modem or the router. I don’t know the name of the device. Anyway it is the gateway for three of ours. Wow! All the lamps went out spectacularly. It means all three are dead. They must have been killed by thunder.

Are others OK? I checked all the electric appliances in our house. I found the lamp of inter-phone showing in-use was blinking on and off on the second floor. I wanted to plug off the cord; however, I couldn’t find it. And the three of four electric shutters didn’t come down even when I switched on.

I went to see the power distribution panel. None of the breakers were down. I understood neither of the shutters and the inter-phone was fed electricity from this panel. By the way how is the outlet from which the modem is fed? I took the fan and plugged it in one of the two outlets. The fan worked.

What shall I do now? My cellular phone is alive. So I searched for information by my iPhone. If such disturbance by thunder is happening in this area, I don’t have to do anything about it. A Short while later they come back again. If this difficulty has happened only in my house or next door and mine or three houses, it won’t get solved without my taking action. I consulted NTT home page and found there was no problem with the facility of this area.

Now I have to call NTT. What is the contact number for trouble? Where are the related documents for this? I couldn’t recall where it was soon.
A little later I found the paper carrying the phone numbers. Oh! it begins with 0120. Is it possible calling the number beginning with 0 by cellar phone? Anyway I tried.
My phone was soon connected.
The counterpart on the other side of the telephone line was a machine as the paper said. “After 17 O’clock we accept by recording and deal with each issue in order.”
As soon as I hung up, I found I didn’t tell my name. I called again. Then I told my name first. Soon I noticed I hadn’t given our telephone number.
I called and told my name, telephone number and our trouble. A short time later I found out again. I told our home telephone number. From that number they can confirm we are a customer for NTT; however, they have no way of contacting us because the telephone is disconnected. I called again and said “My contact number is XXX XXXX XXXX.” at the end.
To be continued (may be)

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