The Thunderbolt 2

But can those shutters or intercoms be broken by thunderbolts? I searched for the case by inputting “thunderbolt shutter breakdown” into the cell phone. Oh! There it is! I found the case that a shutter for the garage didn’t move in closing condition. When an electric shutter is opened by hand, it should be done from inside. In this case the person was outside the garage. It seemed to be such a hard job. The cause for the breakdown might be that its fuse was blown by the thunderbolt. The article said so. Oh thunderbolt does such a terrible thing! I was not able to find the case of intercoms.

The next morning I waited until nine o’clock to call the Sekisuihouse customers center. It is all right to call the Panasonic service center about the intercom; however, where whom should I call about the shutter? In such a case I always called Sekisuihouse. Sekisuihouse takes care of the old customers even after the warranty expiration date is expired. Tuesday and Wednesday are their regular holidays. The customers are served by their holiday office on the transfer telephone on those days. The Sekisuihouse’s headquarters are in Osaka. So you hear Osaka dialect when you call the Sekisuihouse customers center on holidays.

The man on the other side of the telephone asked me who the maker of the shutters. I tried to find the manual for the broken shutters in the instruction file. But I could find only a booklet for the unbroken one. Sekisuihouse gave us a fat folder in which they filed all the manuals for something like air conditioners, system kitchen and ceiling lights and the like when we built the new house. I was not able to find the manual there means that because we were not given it in the first place. I told the man that we didn’t know the name of the shutter manufacturer. He said to me “Take a look at the switch please. You can find the name on it.” “I see YKK AP there.” “That’s it. It means it is the products by Sanwashutter. I am going to contact them.” And he said “Is there anything else which is broken?” He told me that he was going to handle the intercom issue.

Meanwhile NTT called perhaps around 9:20. Of course I got it on the cell phone. “We dealt with the recorded complaints in the order they are recorded. Your turn was after 2 o’clock late at night. So we call you now this morning. “NTT man told me the repair person was going to come around 10:20. It’s so early. I might have called them at the number for general customers. From that reception they passed our issue to the “Hikari” section. Although I knew that the receipt number was different, I was so upset that I must have called the wrong number.

The serviceman came on the announced time. He changed the modem which worked as the gate from the outside to the house. Soon the telephone came back again and TV too. Just then did I get a call from Sanwashutter. Good timing! Sanwashutter was going to come 9o’clock tomorrow morning.

It took some time to reconnect the internet. We didn’t rent a router for wireless LAN from NTT. We bought NEC’s product. The price of the router was \3000, so it was rather economical. Nonetheless even after the modem was changed, our net didn’t work. It may because the router was also broken. The serviceman explained to me suavely with patience since I was slow to understand. He asked me where the data of provider were put, in the modem or router. I couldn’t tell it because I didn’t set them up. Anyway the router was broken, so he put the data in the modem. Now we were able to access the internet as long as by connecting PC to the modem directly. Good god. All we have to decide now is whether to buy a router for the wireless LAN or to rent a wireless LAN card which should be put into the top of the modem from NTT. I have to talk with my husband. It exactly means that we could use wireless LAN after the next day.

I remembered the “fon” which came with iPhone as a gift. My son left it because he didn’t need it. It may be the wireless LAN router for iPhone. I judged from its appearance. If I could utilize the fon, I might be able to use WiFi, 3G is a little bit slow. After the long struggle I succeeded in set it up. There is WiFi mark on it! All I have to do is follow the simple procedural manual which attached to the fon. But I couldn’t do it easily. When I succeeded in setting it up, I sent an email as a trial. There was a sign showing in transition. It lasted for a long time. After 20minutes, it said “the transmission was failed.” I was so disappointed and felt exhausted. “One shouldn’t give up after just a first failure.” I tried again when recovered. But the result is same. I got more exhausted.

We chose NTT rental as our wireless LAN device. We waited for the LAN card to come. The day after the next day it arrived. We have subscribed to the Remote support service of NTT East since last April. We bought a new TV set at that time. The condition of discount was subscription to Flet’s Hikari of NTT East and in addition, Virus Clear and Remote support service for more than two months. After one year interval I called the service for help. It was so easy in the case of new notebook PC. In the case of old notebook it was so difficult. It took almost two hours. The cost of the service is \525 a month. I may say that the one year’s cost was paid off.
Well it was the Wednesday morning. The Sanwa shutter service man came and said “They are not our shutters.” He told me that when he was called by Sekisuihouse and said “It is highly possible the shutters are not ours.” Oh no! Sekisuihouse shouldn’t do so. Although the serviceman said “ I am going to call and explain Sekisuihouse. ”, I called Sekisuihouse immediately. Because Tuesday and Wednesday are its holidays, I called the same Holiday Office as yesterday. I asked for the man who attended me yesterday. “The Sanwa shutter man said “It is not theirs.” When it is written YKK AP, it is YKK’s, isn’t it?” He said “Even if so, in many cases they are Sanwa shutter’s products. I arrange the repairmen again.” After a while YKK AP serviceman called. He told that he was able to come on Friday. I told that Friday was not good and he told he told that next time he was available was six o’clock Monday night.

At six o’clock Monday night I was waiting for him wondering if he can repair in the dusk. He came. He told that it was impossible to repair on that day because he didn’t have change parts. Because of the thunderbolt there were so many repairs that he had run out of his parts in hand. Ouch! If we contacted YKK AP earlier, we could have had it repaired. This repairman told that there was no possibility that YKK AP is written on the product of Sanwa shutter. Yeah! That’s make sense. I have never seen SANYO TV written on a Panasonic. When he has got the parts come, he will call me and repair.

As for the intercom, repairman came on Saturday. He told that he took the intercom back and came again at a future date. I imagined he also didn’t have exchange parts for the same reason as YKK man. There remains gaping on the wall of the first and second floor.

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