The Thunderbolt 3

When I searched for the thunder damage, I learned that damage caused by thunder was also covered by fire insurances. When we built this house, we got the loan from Government Housing Loan Cooperation which required us to take out the predetermined fire insurances.
I took out the document out the Documents out of the Documents File given by Sekisuihouse and called the insurance company the following morning. The insurance company told that there were so many houses damaged by the thunderbolt that it would take several days to send us the documents required for claiming payment; however, they could send them around Monday which was 6days after that day. I was also told that it was alright that we repaired the damaged parts before we sent the quotations to the insurance company although basically it should be the other way around.

The repairman for shutters knew that fire insurances covered the damages from thunderbolts and how to claim the payment. He sent us the quotation immediately after his visit. We got it just the next day. Shortly after we got his quotation, the insurance company sent us the form the required documents.
Although I had thought that we did not have to hurry, it was OK after the repair of the intercom; when other two documents had been ready, I called the Panasonic service station to send us the quotation.

Three weeks after the thunderbolt the process for the insurance claim was finished although the repairs had not been completed.
Ten days after the claim we got the insurance coverage. I was surprised to know that the company paid the full amount and more. They paid about ¥130000 and plus a little less than ¥40000in the name of expense insurance money. The person in charge called me to inform that I would receive a notice of payment in which the amount to be transferred and specifications are stated. I understood it as a reward for being busy for arranging the repair and so on.

the repair of the intercom was finished two days before the payment from the insurance company. It was just one month after the thunderbolt.
Although we couldn't have got our intercom repaired by that day because the Panasonic service didn't have appropriate parts, while the kitty-cornered house was repaired sooner because they had a suitable component. In the case of thunderbolts, so many houses are damaged all at once that the date of repair may be considerably different depending on how soon someone call service station.

A little before the repair of intercom YKKAP called us. I thought they had got the parts and would come to our house in a few days. It was far from my expectation. The man on the opposite side of line said "the metal mold for the parts was dropped and broken accidentally. So they have to make the mold first, and then they can start to make the parts. We calculate it takes about three months."
Even if three months is a rather longer estimate, we might not get it repaired before the end of the year. What a tough luck!
Well it's OK. I am going to go on a trip at the end of this month and before the trip I have to go to Osaka. I have a lot of thing to do. That would serve as a convenient distraction.

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