I have my composition corrected by my English teacher once a month. She seems to be thinking my composition should be an essay according to the way of paragraph writing; however, I thought it too hard. So I write an essay in a Japanese way, a group of sentences-written as one’s mind flows.
At least I want to write not an English translation of someone else’s writing but also an original one although it is a hard work for me.

I usually read and listen to other people’s stories. I have not casted my ideas into shape for a long time. Writing should have been easy and enjoyable- ,but...
One of my friends writes a blog and notes of a journey, which are popular among us. I have been reading his stories for years; however, I don’t know anything about his daily life, such as his favorite food and what he does in spare time, because he only writes about his hobbies and political views, that is to say, something in his mind.
I enjoy the blogs’ talks about the world and the blogger’s daily life. But I’m dreaming of writing something with no smell of a daily life like his.
When I write about current social situations, I can write only one or two phrases. And I do not enjoy writing it. To tell the truth, thinking about such issues makes me got worried about the Japanese future.
Not only when I write an essay but also when I have to do something, I start to think about from long before. I would even say I always think about it. Although sometimes I hit upon a good idea, I can’t recall it later. I cannot make out of the suitable passages either.
When I was an elementary school kid, we had to write an essay once a week and circulate our essays. I was looking forward to writing. I enjoyed my turn. Now I love to read others’ works rather than write myself. It is perfectly reverse compared with myself those days. (My teacher put students into some groups which had 6 members. Our essays bound up together and circulated among the members.)
The less I write, the worse my ability may become. (Any ability falls in decay when it is rarely used.) I had better start to write anything. Even twitter might do.

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