DrinvingIn the U.S.

I drove a car in the U.S. after an interval of six years. It was a round trip from Las Vegas to Monument Volley via Grand Canyon. I got a lot of information about the trip from blogs, so I think I should write something on the net to give some information to other people.

We reserved Alamo rental-car online because it had an office in Japan so that we can ask them in Japanese when something goes wrong.

When we rent a car equipped with a car navigation system in Japan, it is pre-installed in the car; even if it is the cheapest one. We received a car navigation system in the box over the counter of the rent-a -ca office. We had trouble in finding a cigarette socket which supply electricity for the navigation, the lever to move the seat back and forth, the one to operate the winker and so on. I twice asked the girl in charge of delivering cars where the lever was. The customers came one after another, she seemed to be busy. But she came to us without making face. We were able to set it in Japanese for the guiding language. It spoke standard language, and moreover, the distance was given not in miles but in kilos.

When we got the car, we were told "You can choose larger cars without additional cost. Here they are." There were shiny big cars. My husband said " Compact cars are better because they're easy to drive." then the worker said " There are compact cars over there." When he reserved the car, he considered the cost and the travel distance, and then decided the size of the car. So we were puzzled to hear that we were able to select any car at the same charge. Anyway he chose a full-size car as he had reserved. Our car was a shiny elegant light brown one like a new vehicle. It was easy to drive but exhausted much gasoline as I had expected. It may be understandable because its displacement was over 3000cc although it appeared to had an ordinary standard size. I once saw a Vitz and a Fit on the highway. they looked so cute.

Grand Canyon is 446.24kilos away from Las Vegas. We felt extremely sleepy while driving. When the navigation said " Drive along the road for 188kilos.", I got annoyed. A slow ascending monotonous slope seemed to last forever.
I often found pieces of tires on the highway. They looked like the pieces from bursting. Imaging if a tire of the car in front of us would burst into pieces, I couldn't afford to feel sleepy. Fortunately such an accident didn't happen. So we felt sleepy all the way along. It seemed that center lines and the side lines were painted rough on the surface. When the car crossed the lines, it made noise. Then I came to myself.

Like the Japanese navigation system the navigation also stopped guidance when the car came near the destination. It said "You are near the destination." When we didn't have a detailed map, it was troublesome. In Las Vegas, because it was in an urban area, we had a lot of trouble in reaching the hotel.


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