Shy and Extroverted

I got an interesting indication from the article of TIME. I feel happy now that what I had vaguely had in my mind has been logically clarified.

The article differentiates the concept of being shy, introverted and extroverted as follows:
Being introverted doesn’t have to mean shy, though there is overlap.
Shyness is a form of anxiety characterized by inhibited behavior. It also implies a fear of social judgment that can be crippling.
Shy people actively seek to avoid social situations, even ones they might want to take part in, because they may be inhibited by fear.
Introverts shun social situations because; they simply want to be alone.
Introverted people aren’t bothered by social situations. They prefer not to engage, and find social interactions taxing.
Extroverts draw energy from mingling with large groups of people.

My mother often had told me that women shouldn’t be extrovert; women’s intrusive behavior would be criticized in the world. She is lively-natured but obedient to her parents and the social norm of Syowa Days over 60 years. I guess that she is neither an extrovert nor an introvert, but an ambivert. Even when she wants to go out with a group of her friends, she never wants to be the one who calls it up.
I was shy; I was shy for a long time and so am I still now, partly.
I think that I am mostly extrovert because I prefer going out to staying at home. But I feel much drained after being out and mingling with people even if I have enjoyed myself. After I did something I get worried about how the people felt about it. But the older I get, the thicker my skin is (the more impervious I become). So my shyness slowly as I get older.
Japan was occupied by the United States after World WarⅡand so much Americanized as time went. The Japanese social norm has changed gradually during the Syowa Period. I don’t believe that young girls don’t find it bad to be an extrovert.
If I had not developed a sense of guilt about being an extrovert, I might be good at getting along with people. I am sorry about that.

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