TUBES A Journey to the Center of the Internet

Our hometown library mailed me that they were ready with the book I had been waiting for. The totle is "TUBES A Journey to the Center of the Internet". Did I ask them to get such a book?...... I don't remember at all. A few days later I went to the library and opened the book. This book is printed in small letters. I don't have the energy to read the book now. I read through a few pages and then I gave up.

I have been using iPhone for four years. The iCloud has become available since the introduction of iPhone 4. I wondered "What's this ?!" when I saw the icon for the first time. It is said that our data would be saved instead of being saved in the PC by ourselves.Since then I haven't saved my back-up in the PC.I'm afraid that the naming is misleading; I mean we may misunderstand hat iCloud is something like one of the clouds in the sky; our data is stored in such a cloud. Even if we don7t think that it is a real cloud, we may misunderstand it for some kind of a breakthrough.

I have been thinking what the internet is. We should need some hardware other than a PC or a smartphone. What is going on about them? When we installed an optical cable system for the internet connection, the provider worked on the power pole outside for some days, then they drew the cable into the house. Such work and installation are necessary for the internet all over the place. I think that an enormous amoount of such connections enables the communication with the opposite side of the earth. this book may say such and such: how the Internet works physically. I am truly curious about a lot of thing. It's my troublesome habit to get curious sbout something in details. I want to know the content; however I don't have energy to read it through. I wish if I could find an easy capsule review which summarizes the contnt.

i found a book review on the net finally. The review says as below: this book is a reportage on the physical infrastructure of internet and a rare book which invites readers to the entity of the Internet. we often use words like "cloud" or "wireless",then gradually come to think as if the internet was an intangible virtual space. After reading through this book you throughly understand that it is an aggregate of cables. Your Email to your friend in the US is not sent directly by wireless, but goes through the underwater cable kaid under the Pacific Ocean. The Internet is a tangible entity of substances.

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