Is it hotter than old days?

It's really hot! I felt very hot in Osaka. I had been to Osaka. I felt as if Osaka were a part of subtropical zone. It was far different from the climate of the Tokyo metropolitan area. It is not that hot in The tokyo metropolitan area.

On Monday of the July 8th, there was a heavy rain and thunder in the east part of Tokyo in the late afternoon. The rainy season ended, since when we have been experiencing an extremely hot season. The end of the rainy season eas officially declared to have ended.

"If you don't care, you don't feel hot." This is not true. The heat rushes on my chest prove it.
I can clean the room; do the washing and cooking though I keep complaining when doing so" I feel hot! Hot!" I move around, get sweaty, and then take a shower and wash the sweat away. It's all right. On the other hand I can't do the desk work without air-conditioning. I can't concentrate in a hot and humid room.

Do we suffer heat stroke long ago? Even if we did suffer heat stroke, wasn't the news reported? Or the Japanese have got intorlerable for heat recently?

I noticed that the number of heat stroke patients has increased since 1995, as I visited the website of National Institute for Enviromenta Studies. However, when I read more closely, I found that the number of fatalities has increased since 1994, and one one of the reasons for increase of the fatality number in 1995 is said to be the reveasion of the law for making death certificate accompanied with the change of international sorting of disease in 1995. It also says that the primary cause for increasing the death toll is the ageing populations.

When I was a child, we didn't have the word "heat stroke". We only had "sun stroke". It was also hot in summer. I remember that the melted asphalt stuck the sole of sneakers. I occasionally felt dizzy in the heat. This sense of mine that it was also hot in those days is almost right becasue we can make sure of it by consulting the past weather of major cities throughout Japan. In midsummer and midwinter more old people and sick persons died today although I couln't find sipporting statistics. We have the phrases; "somebody couldn't survive the summer"; "somebody couldn't survive the winter". We had poor nutrition and hygiene, it was emphasized that we must show guts without a right reason in those days. I speculate that the death toll of the middle aged from heat stroke was larger than today.

It is certain that the average yearly temperature in Japan has riseb over the last 100years. The statics issued by the meteological agency proves it, and some old people say that they realize the same. I guess that it is not hotter in summer, but that the winter has become milder. My conclusion is that it was and is hot in summer, and some of us suffered and suffer from the summer heat.

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