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TUBES A Journey to the Center of the Internet

Our hometown library mailed me that they were ready with the book I had been waiting for. The totle is "TUBES A Journey to the Center of the Internet". Did I ask them to get such a book?...... I don't remember at all. A few days later I went to the library and opened the book. This book is printed in small letters. I don't have the energy to read the book now. I read through a few pages and then I gave up.

I have been using iPhone for four years. The iCloud has become available since the introduction of iPhone 4. I wondered "What's this ?!" when I saw the icon for the first time. It is said that our data would be saved instead of being saved in the PC by ourselves.Since then I haven't saved my back-up in the PC.I'm afraid that the naming is misleading; I mean we may misunderstand hat iCloud is something like one of the clouds in the sky; our data is stored in such a cloud. Even if we don7t think that it is a real cloud, we may misunderstand it for some kind of a breakthrough.

I have been thinking what the internet is. We should need some hardware other than a PC or a smartphone. What is going on about them? When we installed an optical cable system for the internet connection, the provider worked on the power pole outside for some days, then they drew the cable into the house. Such work and installation are necessary for the internet all over the place. I think that an enormous amoount of such connections enables the communication with the opposite side of the earth. this book may say such and such: how the Internet works physically. I am truly curious about a lot of thing. It's my troublesome habit to get curious sbout something in details. I want to know the content; however I don't have energy to read it through. I wish if I could find an easy capsule review which summarizes the contnt.

i found a book review on the net finally. The review says as below: this book is a reportage on the physical infrastructure of internet and a rare book which invites readers to the entity of the Internet. we often use words like "cloud" or "wireless",then gradually come to think as if the internet was an intangible virtual space. After reading through this book you throughly understand that it is an aggregate of cables. Your Email to your friend in the US is not sent directly by wireless, but goes through the underwater cable kaid under the Pacific Ocean. The Internet is a tangible entity of substances.

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Point cards and face-recognition vending machine

I found the difference between point cards and loyalty stamps the other day. When we make a point card, we write our name, telephine number and address in the application form. I didn't think of writing a false name and address at that time. I guessed most people write their real names and addresses.
We hand the point cadrs every time we pay at the register. The shop gets the information about -where the customer lives, how old he or she is, and when, what and how many he or she bought previously. The information is valuable unless giving false information for application becomes common.
On the contrary, loyalty stamps don't demand any information about the customer until he or she accumulate a certain number of them and get a voucher. Customers have to write their names, addresses and telephone numbers when they exchange the stamps into vouchers.
I haven't heard that some mischief was commited by using the personal data in the application form of the point card.
An old woman says that her next door Lawson comes up with a line up of goods she wants as if the store reads her mind. It is possible because Lawson knows when what kind of customer buys what from the record of the point cards and it can estimate what kind of goods are in good demands. the shop obtain valuable information. This can't be applied to loyalty stamps. Customers are required to give their addresses, names and telephone numbers only when they get a certain number of stamps and want to exchange them into some monetary vouchers.

I heard of face recognition vending machines in the station yard of Yamanote Line. A camera on the machine shoots a photo of a customer and automatically estimate how old and which sex the customer is. I have never come across such machines yet; anyway red lamps blink on and off above recommended five drinks out of 30drinkas by judging from the photo.
There are also face recognition electronic signs. They shows advertisements most recommnedable the sex and age judging from the photo shot by the camera on the upper part of the sign.
Gmail is free mailer. It displays advertisements based on the contents of our mails we wrote.
As for the point cards this kind of utilization of the information is OK because we give our personal information on our free will and we can give false information if we don't want it to be utilized.
In the case of face recognition vending machines there may be no problem unless they don't use our photos as they are although i feel it a little too accomodating to show recommnedable drinks. And the electronic signs are also kind of pushy because it sounds like saying that " This is good for your age." As for Gmail, because this is free we can't complain anything about it; however, I don't feel comfortable.
I speculate that somebody will put a blinder seal on the camera lens on the vending machine if he or she finds where it is.

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Shy and Extroverted

I got an interesting indication from the article of TIME. I feel happy now that what I had vaguely had in my mind has been logically clarified.

The article differentiates the concept of being shy, introverted and extroverted as follows:
Being introverted doesn’t have to mean shy, though there is overlap.
Shyness is a form of anxiety characterized by inhibited behavior. It also implies a fear of social judgment that can be crippling.
Shy people actively seek to avoid social situations, even ones they might want to take part in, because they may be inhibited by fear.
Introverts shun social situations because; they simply want to be alone.
Introverted people aren’t bothered by social situations. They prefer not to engage, and find social interactions taxing.
Extroverts draw energy from mingling with large groups of people.

My mother often had told me that women shouldn’t be extrovert; women’s intrusive behavior would be criticized in the world. She is lively-natured but obedient to her parents and the social norm of Syowa Days over 60 years. I guess that she is neither an extrovert nor an introvert, but an ambivert. Even when she wants to go out with a group of her friends, she never wants to be the one who calls it up.
I was shy; I was shy for a long time and so am I still now, partly.
I think that I am mostly extrovert because I prefer going out to staying at home. But I feel much drained after being out and mingling with people even if I have enjoyed myself. After I did something I get worried about how the people felt about it. But the older I get, the thicker my skin is (the more impervious I become). So my shyness slowly as I get older.
Japan was occupied by the United States after World WarⅡand so much Americanized as time went. The Japanese social norm has changed gradually during the Syowa Period. I don’t believe that young girls don’t find it bad to be an extrovert.
If I had not developed a sense of guilt about being an extrovert, I might be good at getting along with people. I am sorry about that.

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One day in Osaka

I visited Osaka last weekend. Incidentally there held a symposium about the Great East Japan earthquake at Kanasai University. The university is located conveniently. So I and my friend managed to go there although both of us were busy on that day.
In that symposium a presenter told that Science Council of Japan proposed to make "Basic Geography" and "Basic History" compulsory at high schools. I understood the presenter meant to say that students need to take them for living. In short studying geography and history prevents or decrease possible tragic results in natural disasters. for example, of one knows the history and condition of where one lives, the knowledge may save one's life.
I know a person who teaches domestic science at a high school and a junior high school. She often says that the domestic science is disregard at school. She and her company believe that the domestic science should be given more time to prepare their students for life.
I agree with them. But the class hours are limited. to increase the class hours for one subject we have to reduce the class hours for other subjects. It is difficult to deduce which class to reduce or increase. When one subject is not chosen for the entrance examinations for university, the allotted hours for that subject could be given to the ones for the entrance examinations, which is often the case although it is illegal. When something fatal happens, we have to survive with all our ability, knowledge, experience,intelligence, and physical power. So the members in charge of the entrance examinations have great responsibility.
Another speaker mumbled at the end of his sentences. it is hard to listen to such a person. He is a professor of a university and not young. Has he ever trained himself to speak clearly? I think it is a part of his job duty to speak in listener-friendly voice. Anyway we were exhausted by him. We didn't appreciate his speech itself either. We recalled a young associate professor who we met in our alumni reunion in September. She told that she sometimes went to a Rakugo theater to learn how to attract students. We complained about such and such on the way back home in the train.
Among the speakers Mr. Kawada was very good. Another friend of mine told that she listened to his lecture at the meeting for the teachers in Mishima Osaka. She said,"Mr. Kawada said that when East South Sea Earthquake comes, a tidal wave will reach as far as Takatuki. Although it is not easy to believe (Takatuki is 30km away from the sea as the crow flies.), it is true because Mr. Kawada said so." I understood why he was so popular soon. So did my friend who attended the symposium. He didn't say anything about tidal waves. He told the possibility of reservoir break (There are 210thousand ponds all over the Japan.), skyscrapers on the man-made islands, liquefaction and intelligent trouble when a great earthquake occurs.

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The Thunderbolt 2

But can those shutters or intercoms be broken by thunderbolts? I searched for the case by inputting “thunderbolt shutter breakdown” into the cell phone. Oh! There it is! I found the case that a shutter for the garage didn’t move in closing condition. When an electric shutter is opened by hand, it should be done from inside. In this case the person was outside the garage. It seemed to be such a hard job. The cause for the breakdown might be that its fuse was blown by the thunderbolt. The article said so. Oh thunderbolt does such a terrible thing! I was not able to find the case of intercoms.

The next morning I waited until nine o’clock to call the Sekisuihouse customers center. It is all right to call the Panasonic service center about the intercom; however, where whom should I call about the shutter? In such a case I always called Sekisuihouse. Sekisuihouse takes care of the old customers even after the warranty expiration date is expired. Tuesday and Wednesday are their regular holidays. The customers are served by their holiday office on the transfer telephone on those days. The Sekisuihouse’s headquarters are in Osaka. So you hear Osaka dialect when you call the Sekisuihouse customers center on holidays.

The man on the other side of the telephone asked me who the maker of the shutters. I tried to find the manual for the broken shutters in the instruction file. But I could find only a booklet for the unbroken one. Sekisuihouse gave us a fat folder in which they filed all the manuals for something like air conditioners, system kitchen and ceiling lights and the like when we built the new house. I was not able to find the manual there means that because we were not given it in the first place. I told the man that we didn’t know the name of the shutter manufacturer. He said to me “Take a look at the switch please. You can find the name on it.” “I see YKK AP there.” “That’s it. It means it is the products by Sanwashutter. I am going to contact them.” And he said “Is there anything else which is broken?” He told me that he was going to handle the intercom issue.

Meanwhile NTT called perhaps around 9:20. Of course I got it on the cell phone. “We dealt with the recorded complaints in the order they are recorded. Your turn was after 2 o’clock late at night. So we call you now this morning. “NTT man told me the repair person was going to come around 10:20. It’s so early. I might have called them at the number for general customers. From that reception they passed our issue to the “Hikari” section. Although I knew that the receipt number was different, I was so upset that I must have called the wrong number.

The serviceman came on the announced time. He changed the modem which worked as the gate from the outside to the house. Soon the telephone came back again and TV too. Just then did I get a call from Sanwashutter. Good timing! Sanwashutter was going to come 9o’clock tomorrow morning.

It took some time to reconnect the internet. We didn’t rent a router for wireless LAN from NTT. We bought NEC’s product. The price of the router was \3000, so it was rather economical. Nonetheless even after the modem was changed, our net didn’t work. It may because the router was also broken. The serviceman explained to me suavely with patience since I was slow to understand. He asked me where the data of provider were put, in the modem or router. I couldn’t tell it because I didn’t set them up. Anyway the router was broken, so he put the data in the modem. Now we were able to access the internet as long as by connecting PC to the modem directly. Good god. All we have to decide now is whether to buy a router for the wireless LAN or to rent a wireless LAN card which should be put into the top of the modem from NTT. I have to talk with my husband. It exactly means that we could use wireless LAN after the next day.

I remembered the “fon” which came with iPhone as a gift. My son left it because he didn’t need it. It may be the wireless LAN router for iPhone. I judged from its appearance. If I could utilize the fon, I might be able to use WiFi, 3G is a little bit slow. After the long struggle I succeeded in set it up. There is WiFi mark on it! All I have to do is follow the simple procedural manual which attached to the fon. But I couldn’t do it easily. When I succeeded in setting it up, I sent an email as a trial. There was a sign showing in transition. It lasted for a long time. After 20minutes, it said “the transmission was failed.” I was so disappointed and felt exhausted. “One shouldn’t give up after just a first failure.” I tried again when recovered. But the result is same. I got more exhausted.

We chose NTT rental as our wireless LAN device. We waited for the LAN card to come. The day after the next day it arrived. We have subscribed to the Remote support service of NTT East since last April. We bought a new TV set at that time. The condition of discount was subscription to Flet’s Hikari of NTT East and in addition, Virus Clear and Remote support service for more than two months. After one year interval I called the service for help. It was so easy in the case of new notebook PC. In the case of old notebook it was so difficult. It took almost two hours. The cost of the service is \525 a month. I may say that the one year’s cost was paid off.
Well it was the Wednesday morning. The Sanwa shutter service man came and said “They are not our shutters.” He told me that when he was called by Sekisuihouse and said “It is highly possible the shutters are not ours.” Oh no! Sekisuihouse shouldn’t do so. Although the serviceman said “ I am going to call and explain Sekisuihouse. ”, I called Sekisuihouse immediately. Because Tuesday and Wednesday are its holidays, I called the same Holiday Office as yesterday. I asked for the man who attended me yesterday. “The Sanwa shutter man said “It is not theirs.” When it is written YKK AP, it is YKK’s, isn’t it?” He said “Even if so, in many cases they are Sanwa shutter’s products. I arrange the repairmen again.” After a while YKK AP serviceman called. He told that he was able to come on Friday. I told that Friday was not good and he told he told that next time he was available was six o’clock Monday night.

At six o’clock Monday night I was waiting for him wondering if he can repair in the dusk. He came. He told that it was impossible to repair on that day because he didn’t have change parts. Because of the thunderbolt there were so many repairs that he had run out of his parts in hand. Ouch! If we contacted YKK AP earlier, we could have had it repaired. This repairman told that there was no possibility that YKK AP is written on the product of Sanwa shutter. Yeah! That’s make sense. I have never seen SANYO TV written on a Panasonic. When he has got the parts come, he will call me and repair.

As for the intercom, repairman came on Saturday. He told that he took the intercom back and came again at a future date. I imagined he also didn’t have exchange parts for the same reason as YKK man. There remains gaping on the wall of the first and second floor.

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The Thunderbolt

I was watching TV. Suddenly the screen turned dark and the sign said “We have trouble in receiving conditions.”

Thunder has been rumbling for quite a while. While we were at dinner, I saw a lightening out of the window and said “Oh no! Flash? No, it can’t be a flash. It’s improbable somebody comes to my house to take photos secretly. It can’t happen.” I murmured such a ridiculous thing.

Speaking of lightening, the terrific crack a little while ago was so close to the lightening I saw from the corner of my eyes.
I recall and think the thunder bolt was not so far from around here.

Flashes of lightening and peal of thunder didn’t stop. One after another without intervals.
Shortly after the TV has gone out and stupor, I came back to myself. The sign means TV itself is OK. I should pull the TV cord off the outlet to prevent it from being broken by thunder.
Another TV is all right? I went to the other room and pulled the cord from the outlet. Taking this opportunity I also pulled off the cable connecting with the modem.
And returning to the living room, I pulled off this cable too.
We are provided with access to internet, telephone and TV by NTT.
There is something wrong with receiving conditions of TV now. How is it with telephone!? I picked up the receiver. No sound came from the main phone. Nor did it from the cordless handset. And on the second floor the situation was same with another set of telephone. Does this mean our internet is also dead? IPhone shows 3G. Inside my house it always indicates wifi. I went to see the modem or the router. I don’t know the name of the device. Anyway it is the gateway for three of ours. Wow! All the lamps went out spectacularly. It means all three are dead. They must have been killed by thunder.

Are others OK? I checked all the electric appliances in our house. I found the lamp of inter-phone showing in-use was blinking on and off on the second floor. I wanted to plug off the cord; however, I couldn’t find it. And the three of four electric shutters didn’t come down even when I switched on.

I went to see the power distribution panel. None of the breakers were down. I understood neither of the shutters and the inter-phone was fed electricity from this panel. By the way how is the outlet from which the modem is fed? I took the fan and plugged it in one of the two outlets. The fan worked.

What shall I do now? My cellular phone is alive. So I searched for information by my iPhone. If such disturbance by thunder is happening in this area, I don’t have to do anything about it. A Short while later they come back again. If this difficulty has happened only in my house or next door and mine or three houses, it won’t get solved without my taking action. I consulted NTT home page and found there was no problem with the facility of this area.

Now I have to call NTT. What is the contact number for trouble? Where are the related documents for this? I couldn’t recall where it was soon.
A little later I found the paper carrying the phone numbers. Oh! it begins with 0120. Is it possible calling the number beginning with 0 by cellar phone? Anyway I tried.
My phone was soon connected.
The counterpart on the other side of the telephone line was a machine as the paper said. “After 17 O’clock we accept by recording and deal with each issue in order.”
As soon as I hung up, I found I didn’t tell my name. I called again. Then I told my name first. Soon I noticed I hadn’t given our telephone number.
I called and told my name, telephone number and our trouble. A short time later I found out again. I told our home telephone number. From that number they can confirm we are a customer for NTT; however, they have no way of contacting us because the telephone is disconnected. I called again and said “My contact number is XXX XXXX XXXX.” at the end.
To be continued (may be)

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「Justice」は本になっていてあんまりむずかしくないよ。 ・・・・ さすがぁ 釈迦に説法ではなく お知らせ だった。

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今まで雷が鳴っても、「あ 雷 鳴ってるわ」とそれほど気にもとめませんでした。



少し前から雷が鳴っていた。食事中には窓の外に光が走り 「あら! フラッシュ? な、わけないよね。ここの家にフライデー(写真の隠し撮り)なんて来るわけないもんね。」なんて馬鹿を言っていた。

もう一台のテレビは無事・・・・・・・だろうか? 別室のテレビへ行って、急ぎ電源コードを抜く。ついでにモデムとつながっているケーブルも。居間に取って返し、こちらのケーブルも抜いた。

テレビの受信に問題があるとすれば、電話は? 受話器を上げてみる。何の音もしない。子機のほうも同様。二階の親子も。するとインターネットも? 家の中ではwifiになっているはずのiPhoneが3Gの表示になっている。すべてを束ねるモデムというかル-ターというかその機器を見に行ってみる。

他は大丈夫か? 家の中の電気関係を見てまわった。二階のインターフォンの使用中ランプが点滅を続けている。電源コードを抜こうにも、それらしきものが見当たらない。

分電盤を見に行く。ブレーカーはどれも下りていない。すると、シャッターもインターフォンも、ここを通さずに電気をとっているに違いない。ところでモデムが電気をとっているコンセントはどうなっているのだろう? 二口あるもう一つに扇風機を持ってきて差し込んでみた。扇風機は動く。

これから何をなすべきか? 携帯電話は使えるのでiPhoneで検索してみた。

えー故障時の連絡先は・・・ この関係の書類は・・・ すぐに思いだせない。
しばし後、電話番号群が書かれた紙を発見。うーん 0120で始まってる・・・0で始まる番号へ携帯からかけられるんだっけ? まあとにかくかけてみることにした。


しかし、雷でシャッターやインターフォンが壊れるなんてあるのだろうか? 携帯に「雷 シャッター 故障」と入れて検索してみた。あるのだ! 車庫のシャッターが閉まった状態で動かなくなったそうだ。電動シャッターを手動で開ける場合、内側からだそうで、この場合人は外にいる。大変な苦労だったようだ。故障の原因は落雷でシャッターのヒューズが飛んだらしい、とある。そんなことがあるのだ!
                                                つづく (かもしれない)

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この経緯を最初に知った時は少々驚いた! 複雑すぎる!

このわけは 風が吹けば桶屋がもうかるほど長い話ではない。










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